Friday, September 23, 2011

Answers for Verbals Worksheets

As promised, here are the answers to the verbals worksheets. I have included the answers below and also have a printable PDF in case you don't want to sit at the computer while checking your work. Please make look over the two previous posts if you are still struggling with verbals. If you are not satisfied with your performance, come to my room before school (for 1st period) or during break (for 5th & 6th periods) with your notes, handouts, and specific questions so that I can give you extra help before your test.

Answer Key
Originals: 96-97, 98-99, 100-101

Page 97 Exercise A
1. to read over the weekend
2. to relieve stress and tension
3. to reduce stress
4. to increase flexibility and muscle tone
5. none
6. to practice first
7. To do the more difficult movements and stretches
8. to work with a a yoga instructor
9. to learn a routine for flexibility
10. to become a yoga instructor

Page 98
1. to join the track team
2. to learn Spanish before fall
3. to sell more tickets to our school play
4. to invent a practical submarine
5. To learn about agriculture
6. to finish the art project
7. to wash the car
8. to try raw fish
9. To fly
10. to journey into space
11. to begin a paper
12. to choose
13. To do research in the library
14. to be sold this year
15. to rescue the kitten
16. to speak
17. to ring the doorbell
18. To see the ocean for the first time
19. to start the race
20. to run a four-minute mile

Page 99 Exercise A
1. to serve it to her dinner guests
2. to cook
3. To remove stains from clothes
4. to conduct research on the Internet on weekends
5. To travel to Argentina
6. to ask them about our homework assignment
7. to call for that information
8. to meet their new neighbors
9. to entertain her after dinner
10. to peek at the sleeping baby in the crib

Page 100 Exercise A
1. INF
4. INF
5. INF

Page 100 Exercise B
6. INF to speak and understand English
7. PART speaking Chinese
8. INF To learn a second language
9. PART posted in international airports
10. INF To visit a foreign country
11. INF to experience different customs, foods, and environments
12. PART Knowing Spanish
13. INF to go to Sao Paulo, Brazil
14. INF to travel by boat
15.PART looking for beautiful views

Page 101 Exercise A
1. INF
2. INF
4. INF

Page 101 Exercise B
6. PART eavesdropping behind my bedroom door
7. PART dropped from a great height
8. PART Splashing in the shallow water
9. INF to protect endangered animals
10. INF to find the letter
11. PART fallen from the trees during autumn
12. PART Ending the speech
13. INF to know the end of the story
14. PART covered in mud from the backyard
15. INF To end the game well

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